Monday, May 22, 2006

Adjusting to new job

It's been quite hard these last 10 days or so: had just started at one new job, not too well paid but high chances of a decent wage in three months' time. Importing tropical fruit, so I'd have a chance to work with many of the documents I'd studied about but had never actually used -FitoSanitary certificates and so on. But I had this offer from a medical investigation institute, not a high wage but a great atmosphere and an interesting job in an interesting environment.

I finally decided to move on to the institute, and am really exhilerated with having made my mind up -but have loads of work ahead, to get deep into the processes so I can start helping the coeditor of a scientific magazine with the editorship e-mails back and forth, among other loads of tasks!

Sorry to some of you trying to contact recently -am hardly touching my personal computer these days!