Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Best model? -Pira, of course!

Pira, of course
Pira, of course,
originally uploaded by okokitsme.
Some of my first pics here, and of course I started off with my cat and my son, the two people whO spent most of their time around me. And the two who anc not complain too much while I'm chasing them around, camera in hand :)
I like Pirata's eyes here... I took some closer ones I didn't quite like... and shall try and repeat. I was also trying to get my own eyes, and Hugo's close up, but not satisfied yet with the results. Got to get to the best light for this limited camera.

Di algo
Di algo,
originally uploaded by okokitsme.
This is the first piture Hugo took of me... caught me playing around, so he could click whenever he liked my pose :D

Hugo might even get his own Flickr acount, as he loves photography... and we can not afford too much developing right now

Shy guy
Shy guy,
originally uploaded by okokitsme.
First photo I took of Hugo on this phone, so he was still 'shy to pose'. He wanted to pull his 'Good Boy' face -but was too excited with the new cameraphone to keep his mouth straight!

Hugo smiles
Hugo smiles,
originally uploaded by okokitsme.
...and this one is my wallpaper on the phone!

By the way, couldn't remember from where I donloaded 'Boys don't cry' to my previous mobile, so after much searching I got now 'Close to me', also from The Cure. It is actually a better ringtone, once I get used to it ;)

My first photo
My first photo,
originally uploaded by okokitsme.
And, yes, my first picture on this device was -of course- of my patient, loving, camera-friendly cat, Pirata. Notice the bad focusing when the lighting is not good enough. Sigh!

From now on, I think most of my cameraphone photos shall be on the B tracks... or you can check my Flickr link on the right ;)